October 26, 2009

Winter Bling LOL swaps...

Here we go ladies... TAH DAH!!!! I was very impressed with all the BLING I got.. many generous cards with lots and lots of layers and embellishments... Thank you all !!!
Forgive me for the sun in some pics... I really just wanted to post these....

Shells004... love the sparkly snowflakes and the color combo!!!

Bonnie!!! Wow!! all those layers...love the colors!!!
Another Bonnie... I love the Beads... lots of layers for sure....

Very Chic Susan!! Love the brown sparkly deer!!!

Dawn... what can I say... way to use the colors and the shimerz on the snowflake!!! Love it!! Oh, and layers.. hello?? 12 or 13?? Way to go!!

Andi... you must love quilting and I love your card... the design is just so much fun and those sparkly flakes... gotta love it!!!

Sharon's festive tree and another tree by Bonnie... lovelie ladies... so much shine and holiday spirit in these cards!!

Sharon and Shelley's cards just look like they belong together... love the color combo and that snowman so happy in his sparkly snow dance and those flakes!! Love what you did with them Shelley..

Theresa's lovely snowflake wreath with all those rhinestones... wow!!! And check out the bling!!!

A closer look... love it ...

Bek's card took me by surprise... I love when that happens, cause when I opened it.. wow.. it unfolded into this lovely creation... wow...the bling and layers... gorgeous!!

Closer look at the sparkle loaded crystal effects on the ornament

This silver embossed Dasher by Sharon is just so adorned... wow.. how'd you do all the dazzling dots of snow Sharon? Wow!!!

Susan.. the simplicity of this card just is amazing and beautiful... I love how you used the design of the Holiday Lounge DSP to enhance the ornament.. which is very sparkly!!!

Shells004's lovely gold peacock...wow... so different.. loe th color combo... and Bonnie (snuck in again) we saw earlier....

Bonnie's pretty is all dressed up for her holiday party... so sparkly and adorned... and checkout silver Rudolph with his lit nose? Love it!!! By Shelley R.

Another very sparkly Theresa's card... I love the color combo an the trees... this set I got as soon as I could... thanks for the inspiration... very nice.

Sharon used a very sparkly cracked glass technique on her lovely ornament card and Gina went out of the norm with her pink Winter card... I love it...

I want to thank all of you so much for sticking around for so long... it's been wonderful!!!

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