Accordion Book

Hi there and thanks for your interest in my book... I love making these in all different sizes, so here we go:

Please note that in this sample I'm using supplies that are on the last chance list and only available while supplies last.. the Designer Paper is already retired and no longer available.  You can substitute with any DSP and kit... there are so many new ones coming, so stay tuned for more books on my end... Can't wait to get my hands on the new stuff!!! LOL.

Supplies needed:
Sticky Strip or very strong adhesive
Snail or other prefered adhesive
Ribbon, about 33 inches for book closure
buttons, brads and any embellies you wish to use on your pages and cover
Designer paper and Cardstock in coordinating colors - you'll need at least 5 sheets of 12x12 white and you'll need enough to make 3 squares each for the page mats.. so, about 9 sheets (3 of ea color) and some extra for tabs, front and back cover.
Big Shot and scallop square die
Paper Trimmer, scissors, pencil, sponges, markers, some punches
Stamps: Cheep Talk and Rough type alpha (in summer mini catalog)


I wanted a scalloped edge along my book backing so I used the square scallop die from Sizzix to cut out 4 squares in the Kiwi Kiss color.  I cut off 2 sides of the scallop by 1/4 inch from each on 2 sides that will meet at a point.  These cuts have to be almost perfect so they line up when putting it together in the center. 

Once I cut, I labeled which one went where so when I adhere them... I know exactly where they go and how they fit.. no need to worry... the writing will be covered. (TL= top left,TR= Top right, BL= bottom Left and BR= bottom right)

Next, in Pacific Point Cardstock (blue) I cut a 7 1/2 inch square. This will be the back piec that goes on top of the green to cover it and support the seams.

I now cut my ribbon at 33" and my accordion pages from my 12x12 white cardstock.  I cut 6 pages that are 7 1/4 x 12".  These should all be scored at 7 1/4" as to make a page and then there will be a flap left over of 3 3/4".  You'll need one more square of white at 7 1/4x 7 1/4" square.. this single square willlay on the blue one like in this pic.
NOTE: NO PASTING ANYTHING YET!!!  Just start layering to see how it'll come together.

So, now we have the base of the book and the tie, which will go adhered with sticky strip to the back of the Pacific point cardstock and will come to the front to tie. 

NOTE: If you are tying your bow at an angle... as mine is (to the side), you'll have to adjust your ribbon length a little longer on the side furthese from the bow.. this way your ribbon is centered where you will be tying it shut.

Ok, so now, we have the ribbon tacked down.  We want to stick the Kiwi (green) back to the Pacific Point (blue) cardstock to make the back of the book.  You will want to run sticky strip along  the center seams of the straight edges of the scallop squares. 

Evenly match your edges and place the strip of tape.  I then added along the other seam and along the edge of the back of the blue piece.. see pic... ths is for stability and to secure the ribbon and a tight square.

Adhere your two pieces.

Now, I attached the white square to the blue.. use snail, glue stick or sticky strip..   The base is done. 

From this point forward, the key will be the placement of the pages on top of each other.

Starting from this bottom white base and from the left edge, I carefully take one sheet of the scored 7 1/4x12 piece... add some sticky strip along the left edge, top and bottom edges.  DO NOT add sticky strip tothe right side... this will create the last page pocket.

DO NOT DO ALL PAGES THIS SAME WAY... I alternated the position of the sticky strip to creat the pockets for the tabs.. hang on a sec ....

This is how you will stick the back page down... my ruler is showing you the pocket..... Fold it shut (don't stick, just fold it shut) so we can add page 2...

Next, we take another white sheet and will add sticky strip to the 3 3/4 side of the flap along the two longest sides and a short bottom, so as to create a deep pocket when we adhere to the page.  This page I also made a cut with a circle punch to make it easier to slide my hide-a-tab in and out from behind the page.  Fold this shut and lay on top of the back page.

Repeat the last two steps with the remaining white pages... you will end up with  something like this viewed from left to right... I switched to post it's to show the layout better.  Pink are cover page, 2, 4 and 6 that have the Hide-a-tabs behind pages 1, 3 and 5 in yellow and these have the Hide-a-page ont the right...

Next, make sure that your pages resemble a valley/mountain fold like the finished book here:

book sample

When you look at the book from right base, every double page will have a hide-a-page behind the right page mat and a hide-a-tab behind the left page base (or white c/s).  In this sample the hide a pages are behind the last light blue page, the dark blue right page with the single flower on bottom corner and behind the green page next to the dark blue.  The tabs are behind the left light blue page with yellow birdy on bottom, left dark blue page with flower column and left greem page next to book cover.

Ok, so now you begin adhering your sticky strip pages (seen below in Green lines along edge of pages)beginning from the back of the book.  The little dotted lines ............. show the open side of the pocket
The little green squares are imaginary dimensionals... these will be used later for your mats that go over these base pages.

Adhere page 5 right pocket to left side of base page 6 as seen below.

Pocket will be open to the right of the yellow page 5 on top of pink page 6.

right sideof page 4 will go adhered to the back of left side of page 5...

This creates the hide-a-tab behind page 5

Page 3 adhere to front of page 4 on left edge to create the page pocket
See dotted line where opening is....

Page 2, adhered behind left of page 3... hide-a-tab..

Page 1 on top of left of page 2 for page pocket...


Cover page gets adhered to back of Pg 1 to create the first hide-a-tab

your accordion is complete... you can fold it to make sure it closes nicely

Whew!! Was that long or what?

Additional pics for reference from behind the pages:
punch out a 1/2 circle at the top of tabs...

this pic shows the tab from behind page one after adhering...

Cut your colored mats for your pages to 6 7/8" square so you have a white border and room for your hide-a-pages. Decorate your pages so that if you are using brads that poke through, they won't poke through your pockets by accident. Do this step prior to adhering to book. The left pages in your book can be pasted right on top of the white cardstock. The right pages will only go pasted on the left portion above the pocket. You'll want to add dimensionals (2 on each side) of the remaining side to create a lift in the tab in order to be able to slide the hide-a-page under.   NOTE: Add the dimensionals so they are closest to the top/right and bottom/right edges of your mat.
Hide-a-pages are cut to 5 7/8" square... the fit nicely without struggling to hide away.

Hide-a-tabs are 7 1/4"x3 1/2" with rounded corners for easy insertion into pockets.  I added pull tabs with a round scallop punch decorated with stamps and more circles within at the top of the tabs.

Book cover is a 7 1/2" square embellished and then pasted to the front whit page.

Here are closeups of the pages:
Cover, pages 1 &  2 in Kiwi, tab behind left page and hide a page behind right kiwi page with ribbon pull out.


3  & 4 in Pacific Point, tab behind left page and hide a page behind right page with ribbon pull out.

 Pages 5 & 6 in Light Blue, tab behind left page and hide a page behind right page with ribbon pull out.


I hope this was helpful and if there are any questions... please post here and I'll answer or clarify as they come in.  Thanks again for looking and your comments!!  I had so much fun making this book. 
Until Next Time... keep on creating.

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