Milk Carton Carrier

 You'll need 2 pieces of cardstock in 7 1/2 x 3 3/4" for the box bottoms and for the handle 10 x 3 1/3" folded in half at 5 inches so you have a final handle piece at 5x3 1/2".

You'll need Cardstock for your milk cartons and any extra embellishment you want to add to the carrier or little cartons.
You'll want to score your  7 1/2 x 3 3/4" piece at 1" all the way around and then along the long side at 4 3/4, 3 3/4 and 2 3/4.  See closeup of piece on right... it has the score marks on it...

Next you'll want to cut all the flaps and I made my inside ones in small diagonals because they are easier to handle and square the box if needed... So you'll cut this triangle per se in the middle and fold your score in a mountain/valley direction... Middle of cardstock piece will go folded up (mountain) and the 2 scores to the left and right will go folded down (valley). The middle mountain is the box separator... fold all your scores in towards the front...

Now you can see the cuts for the flaps and how it'll
tuck under in the middle to create the separation for each milk carton.  The four diagonal flaps will go adhered to the back of the middle mountain... it will be nicely tucked away and make the box sturdy.

Top view:  

Side view: 

Now you will want to use a strong adhesive like Sticky strip and attach the flaps in the middle back. The red strip is the sticky stip with the plastic cover on it...  See how nice the diagonal flaps hide?

Go ahead and remove the red plastic and stick both bottoms together...

Now you have the separator part done and the rest is just adhering the side flaps to complete the double box.

You'll need to make tow of these and stick them to their sides.

I tucked my flaps in side the box so the outside is nicely finished.

Finished box.

Once you have your second one made, then you'll run some sticky strip on one side of the box where your separating crease is... See how I covered the crease?  You will want to match up two sides the same when sticking together...

Now you have your carrier bottom complete. 

Now we move on to the handle.  Your cardstock scored at the middle of 10 inches by 3 1/2" fold the cardstock and find the middle of the open end at 1 /34"... Cut up to 1 inch or a bit less (this is the height of the separation in between the carrier.

 You'll want to create a groove that will slide over the separator on your carrier like this...., so first you cut up an inch slide a tiny bit to the right and cut up again to 1 inch and then slide to the left of the first cut and cut up again to 1 inch or less... you have created a groove now.

Remove any excess card stock in the middle so you have a clean groove like the pic.

This is how you'll position it when you glue it down, but first you want to punch out a handle...

You can use the SU wide oval to do this... at the crease folded top part of the handle piece (opposite the groove end) slide your punch in and center... punch through both layers...

Now you have your handle.. decorate, stamp or embellish now.  you'll want to add the sticky strip on the inside long edges and along the groove on both sides so your box is sturdy... Attach the front first and then bring the back panel down and stick it together in your carrier bottom.

Once both sides are glued down... you have your carrier complete... you can embellish the rest as you please.  I've added a trim with SU's scalloped border punch and matched the edged along the way.  I adhered with sticky strip so it doesn't come off. 

I then added a 1/4" trim of pink pirouette to this embellished with SU's clear rhinestone brads and stamped the saying with teeny tiny wishes stamp set.  Added a trim to the punched out handle on both sides and added the beautiful pink satin ribbon with the For You stamp from the Elements of Style stamp set in the Mini Catalog... available now and will be in the new catalog going forward in 2011.  I used the Early Espresso classic inks some tafetta ribbon to accent the milk cartons and made windows with vinyl windows and SU's mini clips.  I wheeled the stars with SU's new Builder wheel So Many Stars wheel... I love it cause I can stamp in different directions..not just straight!!!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial... If you have any questions or care to comment... I'd appreciate it.  Thanks so much.

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Another version of this box for Halloween: