March 20, 2013

Bunny Purse Box of Treats

With Easter right around the corner and so many cute things out there reminding you... a thought kept bugging me so I got busy last night and made my cute little bunny box... I love my bitty bunny.  Inspired by other creative demonstrators as well as my own twist... I came up this my treat box.
All products are Stampin'Up! unless otherwise stated.
Here she is hanging on to her egg while she sits in a patch of Grass... sort of... LOL. 
Photo showing the punches I used, with the exception of the boho flower punch... didn't use it, but someone might want to...
On the left: the Petite Purse Die for the body of the bunny, top: boho flower punch, small oval punch for feet, 3/4" and 1/2" circle punches for eyes, 1/8" hand held circle punch for pupils, bottom row: from left to right: petals builder punch: for feet, ears and nose, oval punch for egg and small scallop punch for hands and tail.
Punch out the largest petal in the punch... then add a small strip of white behind the punched petal, so that you can insert the petal in the oval punch and hold it to creat the feet....
Center the top of the petal... or the peak... in the oval punch as shown here...  you will have 3 toes when it's punched out... make 2 of these.

I then punched out in Pink Pirouette the little paw pads in 1/8" for toes and 1/4" for foot pad.  Glue on with a tiny dot of a liquid glue... set aside for later.
There are many ways to create ears... I like mine.. they look real... so, punch out the second largest petal in the builder punch... you'll need two in white or the color of your bunny.  Then punch out two pink ones in the smallest petal for the inside part of the ear.  Sponge all edges with a matching pink tone... including the white.   I attach the inside part with a good adhesive to each ear, but before you do that refer to pic to the right... for making the curve on the ear tips...

Ear Tip rounded...
I took off the peaky side of the petal... see punch above... by inserting the petal into the 1/2" circle punch and removing... that's how I got the realistick looking ears above.... you could just leave it and use the pointy end, showing below as your ear tip.
Play with your ears until you come up with what you like and set aside...
I punched out a white scallop circle in our new 7/8" scallop punch
then, took the 1/2" circle punch and inserted the scallop into the circle as in the pick below...
Punch out two paws from the scallop and set aside....
 Scallop inserted into 1/2" circle punch ... to creat paw...

Here's what you have so far..... and I've added the 3/4"x15/16" oval punch now to make an egg.
You have the hands, nose: from a small petal punched out in pink and clip off the tip by reinserting in to a circle punch... see pick for sample and guidance....

I punched out two 3./4" basic grey eyes, 2 basic black eye centers in the 1/2" circle punch and using the circle punch from the bitty bunch trio (not pictured anywhere because I used it last minute it for the white) for the whites.  Here's a tip from Kimberley Morris to make easy pupils... take the black eye color circles... place them one on top of the other... and insert into the 1/8" hand held circle punch... pictured here... and punch them both through close to the edge... then, all you have to do is stick the whit larger circle to the back of the black and then onto the largest Grey... 
How cool is that??? Awesomely easy.  No chasing missing pupils all over the place...  

 So, here is what you've constructed so far....
Ears, Eyes, nose, feet, hands and egg... almost there....
Once you have cut out the die... you are going to fold on the score lines to get the box ready... on the front of the box... pictured here... you are going to add a little of color on the cheeks of the bunny with a dauber and some matching pink.... do this next to the little slit in the box where the cover will close... in this pic...the nose is covering the slit... then with a marker... add some whiskers and freckles... now, with a glue dot... add the nose so it just covers the slit...
On the inside of the lid you can stamp a sentiment... I used the Easter Wishes one in Basic Grey

With the 7/8" scallop punch, punch 4 scalloped circles and score them in half... as shown.  This will make folding them in half easier...
Then fold each in half and press them open well... add some adhesive to the back of each one and begin to stick each half to another half until you begin for form a ball of sorts... when you get to the last one... do not... close the ball together...
 Ball of scallops ready to adhere to the back bottom of bunny... you can leave this step til last if you prefer... so that  you can then just stick it on the bunny.
Set aside with care that it doesn't stick together...

Here is the basic assembly of  the bunny...
At top: Bunny face and body, next is the blank bottom of the box, then the back section where the tail and Ears will be adhered to.... last, the closing flap that has the Eyes attached to it.  On the side are the feet and egg with hands attached to the front ready to be adhered to the body once the box is assembled... I used dimensionals to make the egg and feet pop up.
 On the two little 1/4" flaps on either side of box, use sticky strip to secure the box... assemble the box as per directions on die... and then add the egg and feet to the front of the box...
Tah! Dah!  Bunny is complete...
For added details: I bent the ears forward for effect with my thumb and a rolled them a little on a pencil... I also sponged all white and pink body parts with the pink ink along edges so you can see them against the white body... and then, the egg has been embossed with the delicate lace embossing folder and then I sponged the embossed design to show it.
I hope you found this useful ... until nex time.  I'll be busy!!
All products used to create this box can be found 24/7 online here

March 18, 2013

Sandra's Spring Surprise Box

Or Bunny Box of treats that is... since it can hold whatever you wish.. jelly beans, chocolate eggs, marshmallows... you name it!

So, I got this idea... and of course got right to it on Sat night and I love my bunny... she's hiding her little smile under the lid and protecting her surprise inside.  Very quick to make with several punches used to decorate, but you could just leave her with eggs around the grass and it'll still be a cute box.

I used all Stampin'Up! Products on this one... I love my little bunny!! I filled her with Jelly beans.
If you want instructions for this box, please email me at: and I'll be glad to send you instructions.
Hoppy Stamping!

March 14, 2013

Cinderella - Punch Art Tutorial

It's long overdue.... I made a Cinderella out of Stampin'Up! punches... yes, this was ambitious, but after my beautiful Ariel, I made up my mind to try all the princesses......Aurora is in the early stages... the dress is proving to be a challenge. 

So,  here it goes... the first somewhat tutorial because I have only some pics from when I made her.  I thought at the time I made her, that I'd make a step by step tutorial later... that did not happen... unlike Ariel, for which I have a ton of pics.... and no, there is not a tutorial... LOL.  Getting there.

I used all Stampin'Up! products including punches and dies in order to make this wonderful Cinderella in her ball gown wearing her glass slippers.



From the first pic... you can see which punches I used (item listing at end of tutorial) ... as I go  I will mention any others that are not pictured here.

Head and Body:
The body was made from the Owl punch above and I trimmed off the feet  and the ears to shape her waist... it's turned upside down in this pic because I needed her shoulders to be wider than her waist line... head gets adhered to back of body as seen below....
The bird builder punch for the arms... just punch the branch out and remove the leaves.. you'll need two in skin color and then two more in blue for her gloves.. just paste the blue ones over her arms up to her elbows.
Face Assembly:
 For the Eyes... I used the scallop edge border punch to make the oval shape of a natural eye... so, start here... one punch should be enough... then, cut off the bottom excess to only have the scallop left on the bottom...
Take the bitty circle punch and lower a scallop into the circle punch as shown here... punch out your oval eye... make two!
The eye size works great with the owl punch circles for the eye color... In this sample I used Green eyes with Red lashes because this pic was from Ariel's Eye's ... you will use blue for Cinderella and I used Chocolate Chip for her lashes... Navy pupil ... used the 1/8 circle hand punch, but can use the ones from the owl punch as well.... So, these lashes... whew.. . 
 The lashes I made from the Boho Blossoms flower punch... punch out the flower... attach a strip of scrap to the back of the flower so you can refeed the flower back into the punch and have something to hold it in place with... you will turn the flower about a 1/4 turn to make a new punch in the middle of the existing petal...  See pic here... sample flower on the side of the punch in pic and inserted another back into the punch...

Below you have the original flower on the top right and then the starburst one after repunching... on the top left...   then.. you take a 3/4" circle punch and punch out the center of the starburst flower to get the bottom sample and the eyelash... . you will actually get 2 eyes out of one flower... if you punch your circle carefully...

 trim to fit the eye and adhere from behind... as in below...  I used the liquid glue for mobility... you have to work the lash on the eyeball and adjust.. the liquid glue allows you to do that before it dries.... use for pupil too.
When you start to layer her face... I used the fine tip of a Stampin' Write marker to make the dots for a nose and the 1/8" circle punch to make her earrings.  See first pic above...
Her hair is made from the butterfly punch (now retired) that SU had a couple of years ago... it was a simple one, but worked great for making her hair.. I just punched a few and unassembled the butterfly in the middle and shaped her bun, bangs and sides.  For her blue tiara.. just made a little 1/4 moon shape from a circle punch and tucked behind her bangs and bun...
the neclace.. same fashion as the tiara.. much smaller circle punch to create the little neck band.
Those Lips....
Lastly, I made the lips from the other flower in the same flower punch used above ... it is the 6 point flower... see pics below...   After punching the flower feed it through the 3/4" circle punch... for lip bottom...
 take the flower to the bottom of the punch and punch out barly two petals... or as you like... this made a nice feminine lip...
 The Dress ensemble...

This picture shows all the pieces to the dress... I used an oval die... cut twice... you can see the original size in the middle  under the top layer... I then cut off the bottom of the oval straight acorss and  took the scallop border punch and gave the dress a decorative hem for both ovals... For the top layer of the dress... second oval... I made two pencil lines (pretty even) down the gown and cut then to split the oval into 3 panels... this creates the panels or bulk on the dress shape...
With the Blossoms Petal Builder punch... I punched the two largest petals in white  for the dress bumpers (ha! I made that up!) and then also punched two of the smaller identical petals also in white for her sleeves (not pictured here, but in the main pic) add some dazzling diamonds glitter to both sleeves and bumpers ... The owl shape is her body as in previous pics above... You will also punch out a blue owl to match the dress bodice... take a 1 1/4" circle punch to make the neckline/cleavage in the blue owl... mount to skin colored owl...

Here you can see the dress layered together...
I wanted some depth to her gown, so I sponged some color on all edges of the dress ... even the white with the blue as if it picked up the tone... 
Once sponged... then assemble the skirt in this order...
1. Base oval
2. Barely tucked behind the left side of the base oval.. adhere the left panel...
3. Repeat #2 with Right panel
4. Add some dimensionals to the back of the middle skinny panel and adhere to the top center of the skirt
5. Some dimensionals to the back of the bumpers (in white) and adhere to each left and right side of her hips meeting at the center...
 The upper torso...

Although not pictured ... here is the assembly...

1. stick the blue bodice to the skin bodice... Adhere with sticky strip or a good adhesive to the skirt from behind.
2. Attach each arm with the gloves to the back of each shoulder so the gloved hands rest on her dress, as if she's lifting her skirts... I used glue dots here
3. Use the smaller flower glittered petals for the sleeves ... I trimmed the little stem off to make the rounded sleeves... adhere with dimensionals to the shoulder to cover the arm and torso connection and it makes them look poofy.
The Glass Slipper....

 Of course Cinderella has to have her glass slippers... this is easy...

1. You take the smallest Heart in the three heart punch (now retired) and use silver glimmer paper  and punch out 4 hearts 
2. Join two hearts at the tips of the heart with a glue dot... then fold the top hearts' two bumps up a bit...
3. Add another glue dot to the inside of the bottom heart and tuck it under the skirt and press to stick.... now only the curly tips show from the front of the dress... you can click on the pics to get a closeup...
That's it!  Whew!  It took many hours to come up with all the punches and dimensions, but it was worth it.

I hope you found this tutorial useful... I had a wonderful time making her and was very pleased with the outcome... I hope you have fun too! 

You can order all products (not retired ones) 24/7 here
Punches used and pictured here:
From Top left...
Owl Builder 118074
Bird Builder 117191
Blossom Petals Builder 121808 (not pictured)
1/8 circle hand held punch (retired)
Scallop edge border 119882
3/4" circle punch 119873
circle punch from itty bitty shapes punch pack 118309
Boho Blossoms flower punch 119858
Ornament punch 119847
1 1/4" circle punch 119861
Three Hearts punch (not pictured)  (retired)
Butterfly punch (not pictured) (retired)
Scalloped oval die (not pictured) (retired), but can substitute with new ovals nesting dies from the Spring Mini Catalog 129381 and use the largest die that is not scalloped. :)

In Bashful Blue for Dress,earrings, gloves, and tiara 105120
Blush Blossom (retired) for all skin areas
Whisper white for eyes, bumpers and sleeves 100730
Marina Mist for eye color 119682
Night of Navy for pupils100867
Pretty in Pink for her lips 100459
Daffodil Delight for her hair 119683
Chocolate Chip for eye lashes 102128
Silver Glimmer paper 124005
Dimensionals (foam dot adhesive for height) 104430
Glue dots 103683
Multipurpose Liquid Glue 110755
Snail Adhesive 104332
Classic Ink Pad in Marina Mist for dress coloring126962
Sponges to add color to dress with ink pad 101610
Paper snips for detail cutting 103579
Until next time.....

March 07, 2013

Happy Birthday to you....

One of my all time favorite punches from Stampin'Up! is this cutest ever Owl... OMG... I can't begin to tell you how many things other than an Owl you can come up with... but I'll be showing you throughout the year. 

Here is a Birthday card I made at my "Upline's"... this month... (she quit SU and now came back, but is only doing it as a hobby).  I love going to her place to play... thanks Martha!!  I've taken her basic design and modified it... of course!!  Hello!!  Why would you not??  I hope you like my Birthday owl.. this one is going to Alina's little friend who turns 5 this month and I'm already making several to have in different color combo's and themes.... I'll post those soon too.

Here she is in all her bling and party gear... My Miss March!!  LOL...

Inside is the message which is popped up away from the coordinating candles for the 5 year old.  Flames are sparkling
For those that know me "well"... know that I don't make cards that have a White base card.... well, looky here.... we can all make exceptions... hehehe... I just like color, so I try not to make my cards with a white base.... but, this works just nice.
All products are Stampin'Up! unless stated and you can purchase most of them (yes, some are retired sometimes) here 24/7 or you can contact me for help anytime. 
I will be making some kits for sale.... leave me a comment with your email information and I'll contact you.
Thanks for looking... here are all the details:
Embossing folder: Other... sizzix.
From Current Stampin'Up! catalog:
Stamps: Confetti background stamp pg: 123 for accents on white circle, and the Hostess stamp set: Wacky Wishes on pg 204
Cardstock: In Melon Mambo, Basic Black, Pumpkin Pie and Pixie Pink*(retired), but I would substitute for Regal Rose.  Base is Whisper White.
Brights collection of Designer paper on Owl hat and dotted border with message.
Inkpads in Classic: In Melon Mambo and Pumpkin Pie pge 153
Punches and Dies:
Owl Punch and  2.5" round circle punch pg 185 and Delicate Doilies Sizzlits L die pg191
Hat Punch *(retired), but you can use the Petite Pennants Builder punch also on pg 185 to make the hat.
From Spring Mini Catalog: pg 16 7/8" scallop circle cut in 1/2 to make wings.
Dazzling Diamonds Glitter for the hat and dress of Owl pg 158
Two way glue pen to adhere the glitter, mono tombo liquid glue and snail running tape, dimensionals for depth...all on page177
Basic Rhinestones pg 175
Inside of Card:
Stamp set in: Happy Bithday wishes* retired and candles from Create a Cupcake pg 49
1 3/4" round circle punch and the 2 3/8" Scallop Circle punch pg 184
Daffodil Delight Stampin'Write Marker pg 153

Dazzling Diamonds Glitter for the flames on the candle pg 158
I hope I got it all.  Thanks again.