February 15, 2010

My DVD Filing system... Unmounted rubbah!!

So, here is my system.. I can maximize the DVD size case that SU sells to unmount all my wood block stamps.  Using 2 way glue and making them repositionable again... I win!  I can fit as many sets as I like per case.. using both left and right sides of the case cause they barely touch when closed!!! 
So, then I created a spine for each box and label what's inside.. see the yellow circle on the text in white?  I wrote the stamp set, quantity, stamp number and a code "HM" Holiday Mini and added a pic of the Holiday mini in the red circle for reference.  On the left.. I indexed just like the catalog... so I could file together.

Bottom left photo shows you what it looks like from the side view... I can see all my stamps!!
Right photo shows the box open.. plenty of room... I have 2 stamp sets on the left and 2 on the right.

Notice these are from the Occasions Mini... I will mak the appropriate label for this box as well... yay!!!

Hope you find this useful!!

Hope this inspires someone else... Tell me what you think?

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