June 10, 2010

New Catty Tabs...

Yes, I have my hands on the New Stampin'Up! Catalogs and I LOVE THEM!!!  For those of you wondering .. here is how I organized my catalog this year:

Took my book to Kinko's (for under $6.00.. I provided the clear plastic pages)
Had them remove the spine and spiral bind the book.

I inserted clear heavy duty book cover plastic sheets on the cover and back, in front of each section of the book... Hosess, Holidays, Occasions... etc.

Then in the back under accessories I made tabs all in the same color and printed front and back with what's in that section... at a glance I can find pretty much anything!!!

I tabbed the wheel index and then the Stamps Index was my last one. 

After page 224 I inserted 6 clear plastic pages so that I can make clear pockets that will last me the season without ripping.

I use these pockets to insert the supplies list, a calendar, bus cards, wish list, promo's that I may print, etc.

So, I've posted these pics that DO NOT SHOW ANYTHING but the tabs.... Sorry, after July 1st, I can begin to post the full pics so you can better appreciate the way the book looks.

I like spiral binding because it allows the book to lie completely flat when open, or I can fold the book in half wherever I want flat and it is extremely sturdy.. pages don't rip as with a 3 ring binder.  I don't like the idea of putting each page in a page protector with a 3 ring binder either...expensive and makes the book too big!!

Anywho... here are my pics.  Questions? post here and I'll answer... Thanks for looking. 

Question on what vinyl covers to use... see comments and pics.
  Kelly Paper in Concord, CA


  1. the clear sheets that you use, can you tell me exactly what you use, and where you got them? I am thinking of doing this too. Thanks for the great pics.

  2. Hi Dany... I got them at a local paper company: Kelly Papers and its the clear book cover. It comes in various thicknesses and I got the thickest one 10mil 100 sheets. It's made by Pressline...see the new photo. HTH. Sandra

  3. Anonymous7/02/2010

    Great idea! Thanks for going thru all the trouble to show us!