June 08, 2011

New Catalogs!!!

I love this time of year when Stampin'Up! retires the old and in comes the new!!!  And, yes this year they actually shipped the catalogs to us early!!! Wanna see... viola!!!  UPS dropped all this off today... and yes, it's all mine!!!

Sorry... that's all I can show for now... can't give you a preview of the actual books.... but,  you know I have them now!!! 
It was kinda funny cause I left to drop off Alina at daycare when I saw the UPS guy wave at me as I pulled out of the driveway... so I went down the street a bit and saw he pulled up to my house (he never drops off this early!! EVER!!!), so I flipped around and came back.. as he's unloading all the boxes he sees my garage open... and he burst into laughter... guess he didn't expect me to turn around... well, you got that right!! Too precious to leave all that sitting on my porch!!! He waved goodbye and I closed the garage door.... quickly returning to open the goodies!!! Woo Hoo... playing now!  Bye.

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