January 29, 2014

Heart In A Box Card

Wow... I love it when other demonstrators share their work and then we can take it and reshape, recreate, copy, CASE... however it works for you.... in this case, I used Monica Gale's box in a card she created and I created my own for Valentines.

She listed her instructions in centimeters, but I work in Inches, so I rewrote my own dimensions in inches and made mine a square box.  I ws trying to get it to fit into a 5x5 square envelope... well, that worked for my winter one, but not this one... The hearts are just too big!  No worries though, I can still mail it because Stampin'Up! has the fantastic Envelope Punch Board that will make any size envelope... pretty much, so, I just make my own envelope in less than 30 secs!  Check it out: 

And you can purchase one here:  24/7
At the end I'll show you some other things  you can make with this wonderful little tool... Oh yeah!  What, you thought it only made envelopes?  No way!  Stay tuned at end!
Back to my Card... Here it is in all it's Heart Splendor... Tah Dah!!
This card opens up like a flower... or so I think... to display what's inside and it sits up, so it's like a bouquet of flowers (hearts) that you can keep on your desk, table... anywhere really.    Since Valentine's is coming up I really wanted to make one of these so I can send it.
So here are my instructions:
You'll need:
8.5 x 11 sheet of Cardstock for box
Designer Paper (optional) if you choose to decorate the box flaps and base.
Vanilla or other coordinating color cardstock to create back flap behind hearts
Sticky Strip, glue dots, dimensionals 
Paper Snips
Paper Trimmer
Simply Scored Scoring Tool (shown in pic, but optional if you can work with the trimmer)
Embellishments: Try different Dies to cut out shapes and words... I used my hearts Framelits and the Hearts a flutter one for all the hearts.. for the word "Love" I used the Epressions Thinlits dies from our Holiday catalog.
I used silver Baker's twin to hold my banner in the largest heart.
Punches and Stamps ( I used my Banner Blast stamp set and Banner punch to make all my little banners... New from the Sale-A-Bration mini catalog that I got FREE!)  I also used The Follow My heart Stamp set from the whole lot of Love suite of stamps...
So here are the measurements:  (Where I refer to a color, it's referring to my pic above)
8. 1/2" x 11" Cardstock - Card base and tab inserts (Primrose Petals)
2 7/16" x 5" Cardstock - Vanilla (shows white in pic.... oops!) Back base of card
4 - 2 7/16" Squares - Designer paper for box base (under the flaps) Mine shows large multicolor hearts paper on box base.
4 - 2 7/16" Squares - Designer paper for box flaps and back upright flap (can be different than under flap paper) Mine are the tiny hearts on the flaps From More Amore Designer paper - now on clearance... you know where!
Other coordinating colors to punch out your embellies and decorate the box... my colors are: Pool party, Real Red, Primrose petals, Basic Black and vanilla
1.  Take the 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock and score on long side at: 2 5/8", 5 1/4", 7 7/8" and 10 1/2"
Turn cardstock counterclockwise so the smallest scored rectangle is now on the top ruler of the scoring board ... score at 2 5/8".  remove the cardstock and insert the piece in a paper trimmer just like you had it in the scoring tool... now measure to the 5 1/4" mark (same side as last mark you made) and cut down... you will now look like this... you'll have a left over piece (right in pic) which you will save to make your tabs in step 5. 


2. Taking the cardstock that now has all the squares on it... you will want to cut into the squares as shown in the next pic (follow yellow lines and cut out grey area completely) These are  your box flaps...
3.  Fold your score marks so that they are flexible and ready to assemble.  Lay your box as shown... and bring the littlest tab in ...  smallest tab in this pic is the one on the bottom left of squares that make the base...
add some sticky strip to this 1/2" tab and then fold the last two squares until they meet the tab.  Press shut... you should now have something that looks like this... flaps on top... and little tab tucked inside box...

4.  At this point I also adhere the Vanilla strip to what'll be the back tall flap of my box  and all my designer paper to the bottom of box (under flaps) and on top of the Vanilla still on box base.  Open the flaps and adhere the other 4 pieces of designer paper to the flaps and the back straight flap too.
See pic:
Box bottom... under the flaps... front and side:
Box bottom with the Vanilla piece adhered first (it'll cover the flap and bottom) and then I adhered the Designer Paper on top of the Vanilla so my box was wrapped all the way around...
 All 4 Flaps decorated... including the back straight one... pictured here with hears upside down... top  left pic...  I had to rotate that square... due to directional paper.  Be careful! 

View from behind box...
View from front with the inserts in Step 5 below... 

5. Creating the insert tabs:  
A. Take the piece of cardstock from step One that you set aside... flip it so that the score lines are vertical on a paper trimmer... you will want to cut a 1/2" inch in from the second to last score line from the right... see yellow cut mark in pic here:
B.  Once cut, take this new square with 1/2" score marks and turn it so the score marks are laying horizontal on the paper trimmer... measure 1" and cut... again another 1" tab... now you have 2- 1" tabs with 1/2" score marks on each end... see here:

You can discard the other or use it (I used 3 tabs on mine)
C.  You will add sticky strip on one end of the tab and flip over the piece and add sticky strip to the other end on the opposite side... this is because when you insert the tabs.. they go in like a Z... so you need tape on each tab.  Do this to all tabs and evenly space them in your box from back to front so that when you add your embellishments.. they are nicely spaced...
Your box is now assembled and you can decorate as you wish... I added Hearts to the front of the inserts, so that they show the whole heart... you could tuck behind if you prefer, but in this case I liked them in the front.
This is what it looks like flat so you can put it in the mail...
I hope this was helpful and  you have fun.. I'm working on my Easter one now.
Here's a link to Monica's winter sample... I made that one too!  Gorgeous!!
Oh, and I promised I'd show you other items you can make with the envelope punch board... check out my cute boxes!  I used them for Christmas gifts... you can make these in soooo many sizes in a matter of seconds.. no kidding.. really fast!
You can make Party Crackers, Boxes to hold stationary, or cards, treats... you name it!!
Until next time...


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