September 18, 2010

Spooky Mansion Class coming up!!


The Spooky Manor Class

I will be hosting a class to make this Spooky Mansion with some very lively ladies and friends!  Would you like a kit to make this Spooky Manor?  Let me know and I can arrange that, instructions and all embellishments!!... If you are interested in only the Manor itself... you can buy one here 24/7... just scroll down to the Home Decor Elements.. it's only $5.95!!! 

Here is a frontal view... but Oh My!!! You have to see the other 3 sides!!  They are way too cute!


This Manor comes complete with the coordinating Platform (I made this from scratch!!), spooky spider webbed Trees, flying distressed bats, hanging bats, peeking ghosts, spiders with jeweled eyes and sparkling smoke in the chimney!!!

Other views: 
Tricker treaters under my window and spooky bats hanging under eaves...

Spooky critters peering out of the dark room 

This Irridescent spider actually has two rhinestone eyes, but with the flash... they look like googly eyes.. they are truly sparkly..

Again...  my booing ghosts!!

The average time to complete... I'd say about 2 hours for an expert crafter and probably 3 for those who like to take their time... who says you need to rush?  We are well ahead of Halloween, but I'm starting just a little earlier because I have lots more coming.

Thanks for looking and visiting my site!
'til next time... happy haunting!!


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