February 19, 2013

Our Easter Tree

Alina and I had gone to a craft store looking for a tree to hang these adorable 1" figurines... well, to our disapointment.. they wanted like 30 to 40 dollars for a bare tree!!! Not!!!  So, I bought some wire, floral tape and some cute spring flowers, moss and filler and had at it.  Alina and I came up with this weeping willow of sorts that in person is much more adorable.  We picked the clay pot and stuck it to the tray,filled with moss and added flowers cut and reposititioned to look like miniature flowers... some easter eggs and we even added a nest in the tree with 3 colored eggs in it. 

Soooo much cuter than anything I've seen in the stores.  Woo Hoo!!!  We are getting ready for Spring!!  I love it!  TFL.

Click on pic to get a close up!

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