May 17, 2010

Tropical Purse ..bonus!! Tutorial Free

I loved the Invitation I made for a customer and had to make a similar one for scrapping... so here is my version of the Accordion scrapbook Purse... I hope you like it!!  I love the brightness of it and can't wait to add some pics.

My free tutorial is above next to the Home Tab... says Trop Purse Tutorial... It'll take you to the page
 Let me know if you make one how it went.. I'd love to post it here!! 
It's my first tutorial ever on my blog.  Thanks...


  1. Your purse is really nice. I've been wanting to find instructions for a purse invitation and was happy to find your blog...but I can't find any tutorial.

  2. Very fun. Great use of that vibrant DSP!

  3. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I like your blog design too. Keep up the great work.

    Kristie Gralin

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies!!!