May 29, 2011

Our Princesses

I had a vision and went with it and Viola!!! My mermaid came to life within a few moments of playing around with my punches... soon , I had an elaborate body attached to a torso and head... then the HAIR!!!! Lovin the hair.... flowing Red like Ariel's locks... even got her big bangs!!!   Soon it all came together and then to add details I embossed her tail strategically and pearlized it as well as bedazzled it... her seashell top super sparkly and a dainty little pearl necklace. So, here is my lovely Ariel... she'll be adorning my Baby Girls scrappage from Disney.

I will post all the details very soon... I promise.  Thanks for looking.

And then, there was Cinderella..... ready for her ball.....

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